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Blockchain beef traceability to be launched in South Korea

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South Korean authorities plan to launch a block chain system to track the country's beef supply by December this year.

Posted on Nov 23 ,12:40

Blockchain beef traceability to be launched in South Korea

The joint endeavor by the South Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and the Ministry of Science and ICT will start in January 2019 and might also extend to tracking pigs depending on the pilot's progress.

The aim is to include devices attached to the cattle in order to automatically store data on the blockchain by using Bluetooth thus excluding any human intervention.

Through this new system, the South Korean authorities want to prevent forgery by storing all the paper certificates on the blockchain. Moreover, any problems that might occur such as beef hygiene and safety issues will be detected more quickly enabling the authorities to react in due time and to provide information to the public.

Initially, the pilot will start at a farm and slaughterhouse in the province of Jeonbuk and the system will cover data from cattle rearing, slaughtering, packing and where is to be sold.

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