British officials don't understand how the food supply chain works


BMPA CEO Nick Allen worries about the industry's future as regulations proposed by the government looks more chaotic than ever.

Posted on Jun 07 ,09:53

British officials don't understand how the food supply chain works

Three health marks and abattoirs deciding on which market the meat produced in the UK will go, that was the solution given by the British Government to meat processors and what scares the CEO of The British Meat Processors Association, Nick Allen.
"The people running this country have displayed a worrying lack of understanding and little comprehension of how the food supply chain works. They have continually failed to listen to what they are being told by business and industry and, if this continues, I suspect we will have turbulent times ahead.
The ‘solution’ we have been given by Government to have three health marks, with Abattoirs having to decide which market their meat is going to and therefore which stamp to use is bordering on the ridiculous. It clearly demonstrates that the officials and politicians have no concept of how the carcass might get split-up or, indeed, how the export markets work,", he explained.
The Association is looking for a dialogue with the officials in order to secure the future of the meat industry in Great Britain but so far that didn't happen.
"If you look at some of the more successful trading nations around the world it is quite apparent that there is much more collaboration between industry and government. They work as one to get the best deal for the country. When their officials come to the negotiating table they fully understand what they are trying to achieve and how concessions may impact on businesses. They also maintain a constant dialogue with the industry about how the negotiations are going.

To achieve that kind of co-ordinated trade negotiation in the UK is going to require a fundamental change in attitude by government and officials, otherwise, we will flounder in the big, wide, post-Brexit world", Mr Allen. The next deadline granted for the UK's exit from the European Union is October 29.

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