CSC demands that products smoked in this way to be labeled as resource-saving


CleanSmoke Coalition says that saving wood in the smoking process for meat, fish or cheese must be recognized as resource-saving.

Posted on Jul 02 ,10:31

CSC demands that products smoked in this way to be labeled as resource-saving

Innovative smoking process CleanSmoke can save 50% of wood used in processing meat, fish or cheese. Based on so-called purified primary smoke condensates, which are produced from remnants of wood from the wood processing industry, the process is beneficial for the environment, but it also has a direct impact on consumers today through price.
The purified primary smoke condensates are usually sawdust or crown and branch wood from sawmills and furniture production. "According to calculations by the German Institute of Food Technology (DIL), wood consumption in Germany alone could be reduced by around 3,400 tonnes per year through the use of CleanSmoke. According to DIL, conventional smoking (friction or smouldering smoke) requires approx. 3.75 kg of wood per ton of smoked meat. In contrast, the primary smoke product for CleanSmoke could be produced from 1.9 kg of wood,", mentioned the Coalition in a press release.

Overall, the consumption of wood for conventional smoking is almost twice the volume of residual wood for the production of primary smoke condensates is offset by around 6.800 tonnes of wood for smouldering and friction smoking. "According to the DIL Life Cycle Assessment, the potential wood savings through the use of CleanSmoke amounts to around 3,400 tonnes. That would be enough to build more than 100 timber houses. Not least, for this reason, the CleanSmoke Coalition (CSC) demands that products smoked with CleanSmoke also be labeled as resource-saving", said CSC. The Coalition was created in 2017 and comprises producers of purified primary smoke products, food manufacturers and retailers. The aim of the registered association based in Brussels is to inform consumers and the invested public about the process of smoking foods, as well as explaining the possibilities and potential of CleanSmoke. Furthermore, the CleanSmoke Coalition will coordinate studies of modern smoking technologies, as well as act as the information centre for all aspects of CleanSmoke.

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