Cabinplant celebrates 50 years of existence with new equipment


The company presented several machines, from marinating systems to automatic sausage depositor, in its stand at IFFA 2019.

Posted on May 10 ,06:56

Cabinplant celebrates 50 years of existence with new equipment

Cabinplant, a Danish company founded in 1969 by Hans Clausen and Vagn Hansen, celebrated its 50 anniversary at IFFA 2019 in Frankfurt with manufacturing and marketing innovative, high-quality processing equipment for the food industry showcased in its booth at the fair.
An innovative marinating system created to disrupt the time-consuming process of cleaning of production equipment, like tumbler, elevator, multihead weigher, tools for the weigher, and marinade dispenser was presented at the trade fair.
The Cabinplant marinating system disrupts the process because marinating is done after portion weighing. The marinade is added to the fresh meat in a special mixing-tool just before the meat is dropped in the tray. Only the tool and the dispenser need to be cleaned, allowing a much more frequent shift of variants.

The change-over time is down to less than 20 minutes and the cleaning time is reduced with up to 80%. In addition, the meat is treated far more gently because it will no longer be marinated in a large drum with perhaps several hundred kgs of meat.

"Our marinating solution is already a proven solution and installed at several of the world’s large poultry producers. A European meat producer has tested the solution, where one part of the batch was marinated in a traditional drum and the other part was marinated after portion weighing. Blind tests showed that consumers preferred the taste and look of the Cabinplant-products", says Henning Ingemann Hansen, Director of Research and Development, Cabinplant.
The marinade dispenser can be integrated with the weigher to make the dosage variable relative to the weight of the meat. If the meat weighs more than minimum, the amount of marinade is reduced accordingly. This saves marinade and results in packages of consistent weight.
The Cabinplant marinating system is placed in line with the packing line and after weighing the products are packed in trays or thermopack. The solution can be used for both meat and poultry. A patent has been applied for the solution which is combined with Cabinplant’smultiheadweigher.
Also, the company presented the Cabinplant Multibatcher as the first batcher based on combinatorial weighing. It is an automatic high-speed weighing and batching solution for large portions up to 35 kg, that reduces give-away and labour costs significantly. The Multibatcher is the innovative and high-precision alternative to conventional batching and manual processes – addressing batching of large portions that have traditionally been associated with a high tolerance and thereby a large giveaway.

The combinatorial weighing principle is a unique feature of the Cabinplant Multibatcher. The raw material is weighed into partial portions in a number of pans from which they are combinatorial selected to create the wished batch weight. The principle of combinatorial weighing, also known from Cabinplant’s successful Multiheadweigher, results in a significant higher accuracy.

Tests of the Multibatcher show an average give-away down to 0.25-0.7%, depending on the size of the portions. This is a very high accuracy compared to other solutions on the market, like batching based on the top-up principle.

"The Multibatcher means significant savings. Our calculations show that the giveaway can be reduced with 900 kg meat product on a daily basis for a processing line running two shifts and based on 100 gram in less give-away per portion", added Henning Ingemann Hansen, Director of Research and Development, Cabinplant.

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