China is looking to Russia for breeding pigs


Genetics firm Genesus hopes to regain its position in the Chinese market with help from its Russian Nucleus of sows.

Posted on Jun 07 ,05:18

China is looking to Russia for breeding pigs

China is looking to start rebuilding its pig herd and is searching for breeding stock available in different countries, including Russia.
"Our information is China is already considering importing breeding stock from Russia. Genesus has 6,000 High Health sows in Nucleus in Russia today that are part of Genesus Global Nucleus. Genesus for the past few years has been the number one exporter of breeding stock to China. The Chinese like the productivity, robustness, and ease of management of Genesus pigs. If an agreement is made with Russia Genesus is well placed. The volume of breeding stock that will be required to restock farms in China is unbelievable", commented Simon Grey, General Manager Russia, CIS, and Europe, Genesus Inc.
According to some analysts, this year, China's pig inventory is expected to decline by 200 million head, more than a third of the herd.
Still, the presence of ASF virus in every Chinese province is considered high risk by many of the producers.
Russia is also a country that was impacted by ASF and it still fights to contain the spreading of the disease by 10 years now. Nevertheless, not all the country has been impacted by the disease.

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