China lifts 3-years old ban for French poultry


The Asian country also extended access to more suppliers of beef and pork.

Posted on Mar 28 ,14:17

China lifts 3-years old ban for French poultry

China has lifted a 3-years old ban on French poultry with immediate effect, as mentioned on China's General Administration of Customs website. Poultry prices in the Asian country are close to record levels due to rising demand and a limited supply in the domestic market, according to Reuters.
Also, the demand for poultry meat has increased since the country has been hit by multiple African Swine Fever outbreaks. An analysis issued by the USDA shows that the demand for poultry in China is expected to grow by 9% this year.
Along with the lift of the ban, Chinese authorities decided to extend access to more French suppliers of beef and pork. The pork imports are expected to double this year as the national swine inventory is expected to drop by more than a third. In February, the Chinese pig herd was 16% lower than a year ago. "We expect China will take a minimum of two years to get production going up. At this point, they are still liquidating inventory. Until that stops it is difficult to calculate time after the two years.
With Vietnam now fighting ASF China has lost a source of imported pigs. This in itself will create demand for pork from other countries. Our feeling is China will buy imports from as many countries as they can, this in itself will lead to the highest hog prices each country has ever seen", commented Jim Long, President-CEO, Genesus Inc.
On the other hand, analysts are expecting Chinese consumer preferences to expand to other animal protein sources such as beef, poultry, sheepmeat or seafood.

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