China's ASF crisis is going on

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Another farm near Beijing was hit by the virus and the number of provinces confronted with the disease has reached 21.

Posted on Dec 05 ,07:14

China's ASF crisis is going on

The question raised by a veterinarian that works around the world and is familiar with the situation in China -"Does the world has enough pork to feed China?"- seems to be accurate as the country reports another outbreak in a new province, Shaanxi, and a third farm hit by the virus in Beijing metropolitan area.
The farm affected by the virus had almost 10,000 pigs and is by far the largest in this zone. So far, only 5 outbreaks have been reported on larger facilities in China, ever since the ASF outbreaks started in the country. In total, now 84 ASF outbreaks have been reported from China ever since the outbreaks started early August 2018, reports Pig Progress magazine.
Meantime, the 21st province in China is reporting an ASF outbreak, Shaanxi, leaving the country with only 10 "clean" provinces.
"ASF breaks continue in China. We expect it will not be brought under control. As we go forward we expect the implications of ASF will lead to strong prices in China with hog prices increasing 20-30 %. When that happens we expect more exports to China as their government will want to have an adequate supply at prices consumers can afford", declared Jim Long, President and CEO of Genesus Inc.
Currently, due to the trade war initiated between China and the US, the duties on US pork imports stand at 62%. In the last few months, China has increased imports of pork from countries not affected by the virus, such as Spain, Germany and Denmark.

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