Europrodotti launches a new spice based on an Italian dish

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Euroaroma Brasato is a new product that can be used to enhance the flavour in meat, sauces and soups.

Posted on Feb 27 ,10:08

Europrodotti launches a new spice based on an Italian dish

Italian firm Europrodotti is preparing the launch of a new spice that can be used to add value and create products appreciated for the quality and variety.
The Euroaroma Brasato flavouring is the result of R&D efforts made to develop a product of great interest to the market. Euroaroma Brasato is one of the novelties that the company will present this May al Meat-Tech in Milan. The flavouring enhances the flavour of meat, sauces and soups without added monosodium glutamate. A vital ingredient for meat processing and preparation companies, it has an appetising and stimulating effect and gives the meat a flavour reminiscent of the famous traditional Italian dish “Brasato al Barolo”. Depending on the dosage, the flavouring can provide varying degrees of taste, aroma and fragrance, informs the producer.

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