German pork exports to the Philippines temporarily blocked


The Ministry of Agriculture reacted to irregularities in deliveries from Germany after 250 kilos of pork from Poland were discovered in a shipment.

Posted on Jul 05 ,05:35

German pork exports to the Philippines temporarily blocked

The Philippino Ministry of Agriculture decided to temporarily block the imports of pork from Germany after customs inspection discovered 250 kilograms of pig meat from Poland in a shipment coming from the European country. Poland is a country banned at pork exports in the Philippines due to the African Swine Fever (ASF) situation.
The minister Emmanuel F. Pinol issued an order to suspend the accreditation of German slaughterhouses for the dispatch of meat products to the Philippines, according to German media.
All shipments that are already on their way to the Asian country are to be inspected, announced the minister.
Last year, Germany exported 88,000 tonnes of pork in the Philippino market ranking number two on the suppliers top. Lately, German pork producers have increased their pig and pig meat imports in order to satisfy the growing demand in the Asian market, especially in China. While Germany is a country with ASF-free status, the regionalization system in the EU allows pig breeders in countries affected by the disease to export pork inside the single market as long as the region is declared ASF-free.
On the other hand, almost every single country in Asia has increased the customs controls on pig meat due to the fast spreading of the virus across the continent.

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