HKScan strikes new deal with Chinese e-commerce giant to sell its pork

HKScan has signed an important deal with Chinese online store Alibaba and became the first Finnish meat company to gain access to Alibaba's Hema supermarket chain and online store.

Posted on Jan 29 ,08:23

HKScan strikes new deal with Chinese e-commerce giant to sell its pork

HKScan's Omega-3 Pork products will be sold through Alibaba in the Chinese market.

"Hema chain stands out in the Chinese market with high-quality and exceptional products. This chain is very hard to get in to, only a couple of Finnish products have been accepted to the chain. The pure taste, healthier fat composition plus the arctic twist of our products convinced Hema and they made a quick decision to include our products to their selection," Jukka Nikkinen, head of HKScan exports says.

Alibaba introduced its semi-automatic, state of the art concept store chain in 2017. At the moment there are around 100 Hema supermarkets across China.

"This is of course a significant step to HKScan, but getting into this very exclusive Hema-league also paves the way for other clean and safe Finnish products. Hema’s unique online store facilitates our branding efficiently and we get to tap into the right consumer segment," Nikkinen continues.

HKScan strategy for the Chinese market is to expand the distribution in Hema chain in Shanghai and the nearby areas. Nikkinen said the company plans to expand also to other premium food stores both online and offline.

Photo Source: HKScan Corporation, Press release, 28 January 2019

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