Meat exports from Belarus have reached $1 billion


In 2018, meat exports have increased by 8.2% being shipped to 19 countries around the globe.

Posted on Feb 12 ,12:54

Meat exports from Belarus have reached $1 billion

Last year, the export of the Belarusian agricultural produce and food products increased by 5.3% year-on-year to make up $5.235bn, with meat accounting for $ 1 billion (+8.2%), totalling 370,000 tonnes.
China is one of the most important trading partners at this time, according to Aleksei Bogdanov, head of the Central Office for Foreign Economic Activities of the Belarusian Agriculture and Food Ministry. In just one year, Belarusian food exports to China have grown by 340% after two meat producers, five poultry plants and 51 dairy companies have been authorized to supply the Chinese market. "We've managed to get our companies certified within the shortest possible period of time. Belarus is one of the top ten countries, which can sell meat to China. China is busy diversifying its import in order to ensure the country's food security", explained Bogdanov.
According to the official, Belarus is targeting an 8.6% increase in food exports this year to reach a total of $5.7 billion. "We are actively exploring other markets. The CIS countries will be our number one market because of logistics and similar preferences. Then go the markets of Australia and Oceania where we intend to build our presence. Another important market for us is the Persian Gulf countries, which are rich in oil but are not food sufficient. Next come the countries of Africa, the EU, and America. We intend to both step up the volumes and increase the processing level in order to sell more finished goods with maximum added value. We will work to promote the 'Made in Belarus' brand not only in Russia, in the EEU and the CIS but also in distant countries. If the market trends are advantageous and if the weather is good for crops, we will increase food exports up to $5.7bn in 2019, which will be up by 8.6% over 2018. This plan is ambitious but not impossible,", added Bogdanov, according to BELTA news agency.

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