Meat taxation is wrong, says Australian nutritionist

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"We need to stop blaming the steak for all the mashed potato and bread buns eaten with it", explains Anthony Power.

Posted on Nov 12 ,04:38

Meat taxation is wrong, says Australian nutritionist

The idea of meat taxation is not new and now is coming back front in the UK, where Oxford University researchers say a meat tax could prevent as many as 6000 deaths in the UK a year.
Nevertheless, the scientists are referring to meals that include meat but don't really consider the role played by other ingredients, explains an Australian nutritionist. Anthony Power believes that targeting the meat industry from a health perspective is wrong, reports Blue Mountains Gazette. "Eating more meat - and eggs, fish and chicken - without all the extraneous carbohydrates will actually see a reduction in weight and obesity and a reduction in diabetes. Animal protein is so nutrient dense in terms of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids and for many patients it is the one thing in their diet that is positive and keeping them healthy. The fact is 70 per cent of a burger meal is the bun, the sugar, the beer but meat is taking the blame. We need to stop blaming the steak for all the mashed potato and bread buns eaten with it", he said.
Australia's Red Meat Advisory Council head Don Mackay is also considering the need to respond to such allegation and make certain the correct facts were laid on the table, as long as opposition to animal protein production proved to be always emotive and often very thin on facts.

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