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New Zealand is choosing pork for Christmas meal


A recent census among New Zealand consumers shows that pork and ham are preferred this year instead of lamb or beef.

Posted on Dec 19 ,08:47

New Zealand is choosing pork for Christmas meal

37% of 1,500 consumers from New Zealand have chosen pork and ham as their option for a Christmas meal this year, according to a census done by Retail Meat New Zealand.
Lamb was a close second with 30% and beef came in third with 12%. Other options are turkey, chicken, fish&shellfish and venison. Cooking methods of meat surveyed were naturally dominated by ovens and barbecues, with the former receiving 54% of votes and barbecues receiving 40%.
Vegetables can make or break your Christmas meal. Over 91% stated they will be enjoying potatoes on the big day, 78% will be enjoying a ‘mixed salad’ whilst just 34 people (2%) will be crunching on some kale.
In 2017, about 18.06 kilograms of pork was consumed per person in New Zealand. The average pork consumption per capita is expected to reach 18.66 kg in 2026, according to a Statista projection. With only 108 pig farms, the country's production is limited at 44,780 tonnes. 60% of the pork consumed in New Zealand is imported.

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