Philippines increases pork production despite ASF threat in SE Asia


The Pork Producers Federation of the Philippines is active in promoting locally-produced pork despite an outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) in neighbouring countries.

Posted on Apr 19 ,06:07

Philippines increases pork production despite ASF threat in SE Asia

China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Mongolia have been affected by the ASF outbreaks in the last 10 months but that doesn't stop the Philippines to increase its own production of pork, despite the fact that the virus keeps spreading through neighbouring countries.
As of 1 January 2019, the total swine population in the country at 12.71 million heads was 0.83% higher compared with its previous year's inventory of 12.60 million heads, announce Paul Anderson, Genesus General Manager for South East Asia.
"Stocks in the backyard and commercial farms registered an increase of 0.93% and 0.66% respectively. Forecast for the year 2019 indicates that hog production may likely increase by 3.2% compared in 2018. The trend for farm gate prices continue to go down from July 2018 to second quarter this year", he mentioned in his report. Pork prices are decreasing due to a high rate of imports, at the end of March cold storage inventory of imported pork reaching 39,900 tonnes.
At the same time, the local pork industry may be overconfident in its chance to avoid an ASF outbreak as Asian farmers are considered to be unprepared to deal with the challenges represented by the disease, according to OIE experts.

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