Pork prices in France are increasing continuously


Piglet prices have jumped by 27-34% followed by culling sow prices, up by 31%.

Posted on May 30 ,00:18

Pork prices in France are increasing continuously

Increasing demand for pork from China is driving up the prices for pig meat in France, Germany, Spain and even in Belgium, a country fighting to contain the ASF spread through its wild boar population.
"Over the last 2 months the hog price has increased by 15% from 1,283 € to 1,472 € per kg carcass, a gain of about 18 € (20,14 US $) per head", observes Philippe Malletroit, Director, Genesus SARL in his global report.
The spike in prices is better seen in the piglets and culling sows categories, where the increase is as follows: + 27% for 8 kg weaned piglet with a price of 29.15 € (32,6 US $) per head and + 34% for a 25 kg piglet (2,07 US $ € per kg liveweight instead of 1.54 $ in March).
No exception with culling sow price who is at 1.033 € (1,156 US $) per kg, an increase of 31 % compared to the end of March.

"This price increase should continue and prices could reach record levels while remaining at high levels for at least 2 years; the time that China is recovering from the brutal liquidation of its breeding stock and a decline in production estimated between 25 and 35% according to Rabobank,", added Mr Malletroit.
The trend is also seen in the pork markets from Spain, Germany or Belgium even if the fluctuations observed in the last five weeks are slightly lower than in France, mentioned the Genesus representative in his report.

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