Provisur launches new pizza toppings slicer


Global provider of high performance food processing equipment Provisur Technologies has launched an inline optional equipment with which processors will be able to automate the quarter-slicing of meats intended for use as pizza toppings.

Posted on Jan 09 ,10:07

Provisur launches new pizza toppings slicer

"Our SX380 + Quartering System is already in use within the facilities of several global pizza topping customers, and is providing greater throughput and slice quality on each quarter-segment, while significantly trimming labor hours and operating costs," Scott Scriven, Executive Vice President declared.

The company said the new equipment allows processors to reduce labour hours and operating costs as it eliminates "the hand labor previously required to slice individual logs into lengthwise quarters, then reassemble the pieces before feeding the log or pepperoni stick into the slicer for the traditional slicing operation".

The SX380 Slicing System that was introduced by the company one year ago and is enhanced by the new quarter-slice technology which adds to its iconic "True Flexibility".

"The same yield and slice quality advantages provided to deli meat processors by our down-to-the-blade product control is now available to processors of pizza toppings," says Scriven. "The new configuration provides an all-in-one operation that helps ensure problem-free performance. The yield and labor cost advantages are as reliable as the easy sanitation assured by the open design," Scriven added.

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