Ready-to-eat segment is boosting the growth in fresh meat packaging market


The global fresh meat packaging market is expected to reach $2.47billion by 2026, with vacuum skin packaging accounting for 32% market share.

Posted on Mar 21 ,14:05

Ready-to-eat segment is boosting the growth in fresh meat packaging market

Research and advisory services Transparency Market Research predict a 2.30% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the fresh meat packaging sector thanks to the expansion of the ready-to-eat segment of food.
In 2015, the global fresh meat packaging market was estimated at $1.92 billion and its value could increase to $2.47 billion by 2026. Vacuum skin packaging is expected to control this growth and lead the market with a 32% share of the overall revenues by the end of 2026.
North America is the region that is to show support for this packaging segment as ready-to-cook chicken products are growing due to the affordability of the meat and beef is expected to follow. Also, this is the region expected to account for 36% of the overall revenue during the forecast period, according to the analysis.

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