SIAVIS adds symposium on Salmonella on the agenda

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Following the Mercosur deal, ABPA is focusing on preventive and control measures of salmonella to address the problems in the sector and respond to criticism coming from the international market.

Posted on Jul 16 ,08:28

SIAVIS adds symposium on Salmonella on the agenda

During the International Salon for Aviculture and Swine in Brazil (27-29 August 2019), the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA) will promote a symposium on salmonella as the quality and maintenance of sanitary status are increasing demands of the international market.
"Scheduled for the last day of SIAVS, the Symposium on Salmonella will feature intense programming of lectures and debates and will address topics such as the international market, critical points of the control procedures for salmonella and the use of prebiotics, Probiotics and vaccines in the prevention of Salmonella infections. The symposium on Salmonella will be an opportunity to update the knowledge of technicians on preventive and control measures, since this issue is extremely important for poultry production, due to its impact on the productivity of birds", declared Ariel Mendes, coordinator of SIAVS.

Also, another hot topic will be the ASF situation in China and the need for animal protein in this market. "With the sharp rise in domestic consumption, Brazil’s egg-producing sector turns its eyes to opportunities in the international market. The pressure that Chinese ASF problems will exert on the international trade in protein should not be confined to meat. More eggs will also be demanded. And Brazil needs to be prepared to take advantage of this opportunity," said Ricardo Santin, executive director of ABPA and president of Instituto Ovos Brasil.
Taking into account the “strategies to increase Brazilian exports of eggs, the Symposium Ovosite 2019 will feature the lecture” Posture poultry in Brazil: current scenario and where we can reach, given by international trade expert, Osler Desouzart. The presentation will be commented by the Executive Secretary of the Poultry and Poultry Associations of Espírito Santo (AVES and ASES), Nélio Hand.

The symposium will also feature a discussion with businessmen from some of the largest egg-producing and exporting companies in Brazil, such as Leandro Pinto, Granja Mantiqueira; Gustavo Crossara, Somai Alimentos; Ricardo Faria, Avícola Catarinense; Leonardo Guerini of the Four Import Export trader and Redilton Bretas of Bretas Broker.
In the last two years, the Brazilian meat industry has been dragged into scandals regarding safety and the quality of the meat exported. In the last 12 months, only the UK has returned 15 shipments of poultry to Brazil, as the meat was discovered to be infected with salmonella.

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