Sealpac offers a new packaging solution for a Norwegian client


Personalized soup according to customer's preferences for protein is now available in Norway's retail chains.

Posted on Feb 07 ,13:33

Sealpac offers a new packaging solution for a Norwegian client

The collaboration between Sealpac and MatBorsen let to a new innovation in packaging for both food producers and retailers. Fundamentally it allows the consumer to customise their soup at the supermarket deli counter by selecting a specific fresh fish (or other protein) to be added to a pre-prepared soup or sauce.
A video presented by Sealpac International shows the complete line with SEALPAC AS-LS1200 denester, Walking Beam in-feed, SEALPAC A7 traysealer and two SEALPAC denesters, and also how the concept works at retail. Watch the video here to see how the system works.

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