Serbia's meat consumption is in constant decline


The locals are eating 41.4 kg of meat every year, below the EU average of 72 kg per capita.

Posted on Nov 20 ,09:42

Serbia's meat consumption is in constant decline

Meat production in Serbia has grown by 6% between 2015-2017, standing at 524,000 tonnes last year, but consumption is in constant decline, according to a market analysis from Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX).
The consumption of meat is 41.4 kg per inhabitant per year, in constant decline and below the EU average 72 kg per capita. Serbia is trying to consolidate its role as a meat exporter, especially on the beef sector, but the industry is maintaining "obsolete and too large facilities, which implies high costs production" which makes it difficult to compete with other countries.
"Serbia is a country traditionally exporter of meat, mainly beef. However, the lack of competitiveness of local livestock has led to the country's meat industry being dependent on meat imports, and its trade balance is negative in all tariff items analyzed", explains Rebeca Duran, ICEX analyst.
Spain remains the main supplier of meat and edible offal of Serbia, with 33.43% market share, which represents a value of €28 million, according to official data.

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