Smithfield buys Romanian-based Maier Com

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The largest Romanian meat producer has announced the acquisition of Maier Com, a small-sized independent unit which produces cold cuts in Arad County, in January 2019.

Posted on Feb 05 ,12:38

Smithfield buys Romanian-based Maier Com

Maier Com, founded 25 years ago, was owned by Romanian businessman Radu Maier. "This acquisition of Maier is in line with Smithfield's strategic development plan and aims to strengthen Smithfield Romania's operations by adding a new meat processing unit to existing capacities in Romania (farms, slaughterhouse, sausage factories). This will allow us to further develop our value-added products by using pork produced in an integrated system and using it as a raw material for sausage," Cristina Bodea, Smithfield Romania's Sustainability Director, told 

At the time of acquisition, Maier Com had a small volume and distribution, but the company will definitely contribute to increasing the volume of sausages produced and distributed in Romania in the future, Smithfield representatives said. 

"The company commits itself to continue investing in the continuous improvement of our production facilities, always taking into account the ultimate goal of delivering products of the highest quality and best service to our customers," says Cristina Bodea. 

Maier Com had a turnover of 10.5 million lei (2.3 million euros) in 2017 (latest data available), 18% less than in the previous year, a profit of 251.000 lei. Smithfield meat producer ended 2017 with a turnover of 1.14 billion lei (250 million euros), according to figures from the Ministry of Finance.

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