Spain is looking to export more beef due to low consumption


A drop in Spanish domestic consumption of beef is forcing producers to search new potential markets.

Posted on Jan 09 ,04:19

Spain is looking to export more beef due to low consumption

A fall in meat consumption in Spain is forcing beef producers to look for external markets. According to official data from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Spaniards are eating about 47 kilos of meat per year, with 3 kilos less than in 2017.
With this drop in domestic consumption, export is key to the Spanish meat sector, in fact, it is the main export sector of the agri-food industry. Portugal, France and Italy are the countries that import more Spanish beef, although it is Germany where it grew the most in 2017, according to Vacuno de Elite magazine.
On the other hand, the irruption in the Asian market has been slow, but its present and future potential is basic for the Spanish sector due to its large number of inhabitants and its economic level. China and Japan are the main markets where Spanish producers put their eyes, but the export of Spanish meat to countries such as the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea or Vietnam is also growing.
Nevertheless, the general director of Provacuno, Javier Lopez, is hoping that domestic consumption will not decrease further. "Within a varied and balanced diet, beef is an essential food in our Mediterranean diet, in all stages of life, precisely because of its nutritional properties and the benefits that they have in our body", he said. In the last 10 years, Spain's meat consumption has decreased steadily.

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