Spaniards are looking for free-salt and fat chorizos

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The Center for Agri-Food Research and Technology of Aragon (CITA) is developing research on the production of healthier sausages.

Posted on Jul 17 ,07:00

Spaniards are looking for free-salt and fat chorizos

A new research dedicated to healthier cured raw meat products is developed in Spain. The Center for Agri-Food Research and Technology of Aragon (CITA) is looking to reduce the levels of fat and salt in the chorizos (Spanish sausages), reports CdeComunicacion portal.
The mission is assumed by Begona Panea, researcher of the Animal Production and Health Unit, and the funding is supported by the Teruel Investment Fund (FITE) plan.
At this time, the research team has reduced the salt levels by replacing sodium chloride with other salts, suitable for hypertensive patients. To replace the fat, textured soy has been used. The project is a continuation of the FITE last year, in which potato or gelatin was used as substitutes for fat and special salts as substitutes for salt.

"The project tries to get sausages, in this case, chorizos, healthier for the consumer. Consumers are concerned about their health and one of the problems is that the sausages have a lot of fat and salt. The recommendations of the WHO are in the sense of reducing the lower consumption of salt and fat in these products. What we are trying is to obtain new formulations that allow us to have some sausages with good taste, but healthier", explained Begona Panea.
The new products are delivered in different formats and sizes and the researchers have initiated a series of visual assessments with different opinion groups to know the preferences and tastes of the final consumer in order to adapt to market trends.
In the Spanish market, there is no sausage that combines the reduction of salt and the change in the lipid profile. Only four or five brands make sausages low in salt and in some cases, it is impossible to know what the salt content of the product is.

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