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Spanish beef was promoted in Saudi Arabia


PROVACUNO has organized in Jeddah a day of presentation of the Spanish beef for media, influencers, and bloggers.

Posted on Nov 13 ,09:37

Spanish beef was promoted in Saudi Arabia

Spanish beef was presented to the Saudi consumers in a culinary show organized by PROVACUNO in Jeddah for media, influencers, and bloggers. More than 25 of Jeddah's most representative media have actively participated in this event, which has highlighted the differential characteristics of Spanish beef and the many possibilities it offers to incorporate it habitually in Saudi cuisine.
"The attendees, who have been very interested in checking the quality of the products, have maintained a relaxed conversation with the people in charge of PROVACUNO, expressing their pleasant surprise at having discovered beef as tender and tasty as ours. The question that now arises is 'where can we find this type of beef', an issue that becomes an opportunity for our industry, to intensify their commercial activity and can meet the demand that, sure, can be expected by part of the Saudi consumer", mentioned the Spanish organisation on its Facebook page.
The day ended with a tasting cocktail of beef tapas, designed by the renowned Spanish chef, Fernando del Cerro, who explained the differences between the different cuts and their different culinary possibilities; Fernando explained that each cut of our beef is a different world from other cuts and that different culinary treatments are required for each one of them. "The common characteristic of all the cuts of our beef is the maximum quality, the tenderness and a pleasant flavor that makes us different to other suppliers", explained the organizers. This action is one of the actions included in the "What a Wonderful Beef" Plan, a promotion program co-financed by the EU.

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