Thousands of items labeled as healthier food in Denmark


Under the green Keyhole brand, the Danish food industry has launched over 4,000 products that respond to consumers' demand.

Posted on Aug 13 ,06:25

Thousands of items labeled as healthier food in Denmark

A Nielsen analysis commended by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration shows that, in the last 10 years, more than 4,000 food items wearing the Keyhole label have been launched in Denmark. The products help those consumers who want to eat healthier to find the proper food for their diets and also raise public health.
"In ten years, the Keyhole brand has moved significantly. Manufacturers and retailers have been involved from the start, and consumers have acknowledged by actually demanding the many new, healthier alternatives. So it is in every way a great success, which can now celebrate the 10th anniversary," says Food Minister Mogens Jensen.
Keyhole label was launched 10 years ago and the authorities are calling for the positive development to continue so that the future also offers more keyhole-labeled products on the shelves.
New research from the DTU The Food Institute shows that if consumers replace their food with Keyhole labeled products where possible, it can give a significant boost to public health. For example, the population would get 62 percent more whole grains, 25 percent less saturated fat and 12 percent less salt. Figures from YouGov show that as many as 9 out of 10 consumers today know the Keyhole brand, and 65 percent know what the brand stands for.

"The keyhole brand helps make the healthy choice the easy choice. And this is the right way to go if we are to raise public health. In fact, the Keyhole label is such a good scheme for both consumers and businesses that I am convinced that over the next ten years we will also see even more foods that can meet the requirements for the Keyhole label," added Mogens Jensen.
Food with the Keyhole must meet requirements for the content of fat, salt, sugar, fiber and whole grains. 

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