UK government to secure "a fairer share of fishing" and new funding for the sector


Officials said that British fishermen do not want any future deal with the EU to link access to UK's fishing grounds to the access to European markets.

Posted on Dec 10 ,11:33

UK government to secure "a fairer share of fishing" and new funding for the sector

UK Secretary of Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs Michael Gove confirmed that the government will bolster the Fisheries Bill by tabling an amendment that would oblige the Secretary of State to pursue a fairer share of fishing opportunities than the UK currently receives under the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP).
According to a press release, Mr. Gove also announced £37.2 million (€41.2 million) of extra funding to boost the UK fishing industry during the Implementation Period in addition to the existing European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) funding.
"We are taking back control of our waters and will secure a fairer share of fishing opportunities for the whole of the UK fishing industry as we leave the EU. The amendment to the Fisheries Bill will give legal weight to this commitment. New funding will boost the industry as we become an independent coastal state, preparing it to receive a greater share of future fishing opportunities", declared Michael Gove.
The announcement was well received in Scotland by the government officials and representatives of the industry. "It is absolutely essential Brexit delivers for Scottish fishermen and for those in the rest of the UK. It is clear they want to leave the Common Fisheries Policy and do not want any future deal with the EU to link access to our fishing grounds to our access to European markets.
This change to the Fisheries Bill creates a watertight commitment to getting the best possible deal for Scotland’s fishermen and their communities and should give them a great deal of confidence about the future", declared Secretary of State for Scotland David Mundell.
His opinion is shared by the Scottish Fishermen's Federation (SFF) who is pleased with the development of the situation at this time. "SFF welcomes the strengthening of the Fisheries Bill and the commitment of extra resources for the sector to aid the UK's transition to an independent coastal state and beyond. Particularly pleasing is the rejection of French President Emmanuel Macron's suggestion that existing shares of fish be maintained post-Brexit and the establishment instead of a platform for annual negotiations to move towards much fairer shares", announced the Federation in a press release.

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