USMEF tries to increase sales in the Ukrainian pork market


The goal was to introduce US pork cuts that can be utilized in cuisines that are growing in popularity among Ukrainian consumers

Posted on Feb 12 ,04:29

USMEF tries to increase sales in the Ukrainian pork market

Two classes of cutting and cooking training for chefs and foodservice managers were held by USMEF representatives in Dnipro and Kiev, Ukraine, as a way to promote the use of various US pork cuts and the placement of US pork dishes on menus.
US pork loin, cushion meat, picnic and spare ribs were the subject of training at Kitchen Lab, the largest distributor of kitchen equipment in Kiev. The training, specifically intended for Kiev’s HRI operators, attracted more than 40 participants.
"The strategy was to invite chefs and restaurateurs who are receptive to and in the best position to include US pork on their menus in the future. Right now, there is a dining trend in Ukraine toward offering American barbecue and Asian cuisine, so we demonstrated how US pork fits well with dishes in those categories” explained Galina Kochubeeva, USMEF representative in the region.
The Kiev training followed classes for HRI operators in Dnipro, which were focused on the attributes of US pork and the advantages it offers over pork from the EU. "US red meat has been relatively new for the HRI market players in Dnipro, but the popularity has been growing since USMEF’s first seminar there in December 2016. the classes attracted 35 HRI chefs, sous chefs, technologists and meat buyers. The sector is eager to learn more about US pork and they are wanting to use more US pork", believes Kochubeeva.
According to a USDA projection for this year, the pork production in the US will increase by 4% putting the export volumes to 2.8 million tonnes, which is supposed to be a record. At the same time, disruptions created in the trade wars initiated with China and Mexico have created headwinds for US pork in the second half of 2018. "In the first half of the year, pork exports were also on a very positive trajectory but unfortunately U.S. pork has been heavily targeted for retaliation. We remain hopeful that these disputes can be resolved soon so that U.S. pork can get back on a level playing field with its competitors.", explained USMEF President and CEO Dan Halstrom.

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