World Pork Expo was cancelled to keep the ASF virus out of the US

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In a move designed to help keep African swine fever (ASF) out of the country, the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) has announced the cancellation of the 2019 World Pork Expo.

Posted on Apr 11 ,07:11

World Pork Expo was cancelled to keep the ASF virus out of the US

Fear of an ASF outbreak on American soil is forcing the US National Pork Producers Council to cancel Work Pork Expo 2019, held every year in June, in Iowa. Usually, World Pork Expo is drawing exhibitors and visitors from all over the world, including countries impacted by ASF.
NPPC officials decided to "exercise extreme caution. The health of the U.S. swine herd is paramount; the livelihoods of our producers depend on it. Prevention is our only defense against ASF and NPPC will continue to do all it can to prevent its spread to the United States. An ASF outbreak would immediately close our export markets at a time when we are already facing serious trade headwinds. The retaliatory tariffs we currently face in some of our largest export markets due to trade disputes are among the factors that prompted a conservative decision regarding World Pork Expo", said David Herring, NPPC president, in a media statement.
In 2001, World Pork Expo was cancelled because of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) outbreak in the United Kingdom. In this case, American pork producers are taking in consideration the widespread of the virus in China that has taken the threat of the disease to a whole new level. They are also asking Congress to appropriate funding for 600 new US Customs and Border Protection agriculture inspectors to further strengthen the country's defense against ASF.

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