Meat consumption in the Netherlands is stabilizes

Recent research from Wageningen University shows that the average consumption is at 76.6 kilogram...

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Spanish meat industry prepares to export to Japan

The entry into force just a month and a half ago of the EU-Japan trade deal show a greater dynami...

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Vietnam reports growth of 8.3% in cephalopod exports

Korea was the largest importer of cephalopod in Vietnam, accounting for 40% of Vietnam's total ce...

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61% of the UK red meat consumers are willing to pay extra for better quality

Butcher shops have the opportunity to thrive due to the new trends that are taking over meat eate...

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Danish authorities solve 3-years old case of a listeria outbreak

Cold-smoked fish products imported from Estonia are the source of the long-lasting outbreak.

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Commissioner Hogan promise to act fast in the meat market crisis issue

Ukrainian poultry "invasion" and Brexit may disturb the meat market inside the EU, according to a...

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China start imports of US pork, despite tariffs

Chinese industry people speculate that China's production could be down 20-50% by the time ASF ge...

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Global poultry market to see trade conditions gradually improve

After a short period of volatility, protein demand from China and new trade agreements are modify...

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USMEF leader points out new markets for US pork

Dan Halstrom still hopes to see signs of growth in pork exports this year, even if trade barriers...

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The US seizes 454 tonnes of pork smuggled from China

This is the biggest capture of agricultural products in the US and raises fear amid ASF spreading...

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