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Grieg Seafood Group plans to ramp up its salmon harvest

The target set for 2020 is 100,000 tonnes of fish from 75,000 expected this year.

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Andalusian fish industry has sold fish and shellfish worth €66.7 million

The average price per kilogram has been placed in the first six months of this year at €3.45, abo...

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11 countries to exhibit for the first time at Seafood Expo Asia

Four of those are from EU and this is their first contact with the Asian seafood market.

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Ireland is pushing forward its aquaculture sector

The second session of training for the startups in the field is set to start in September.

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Atlantic Canada Fish Farmers Association receives $460,000

Atlantic Canada Fish Farmers Association is to receive $460,000 to improve the effectiveness, qua...

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Bulgarian seafood producers approach Asian markets

White Shells Ltd made a first appearance at Seafood Expo Asia 2018 and caught the attention of so...

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Tuna prices are slowly growing

Demand from retailers and other buyers has increased the prices for yellowfin tuna and skipjack.

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VASEP: Pangasius exports to Brazil set to recover this year

The Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP) expects the country's pangasiu...

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Cargill opens new aquaculture innovation center in Indonesia

Cargill has opened an aquaculture innovation center in Indonesia to help raise fish farming stand...

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Norwegian salmon exports to grow further

The second half of 2018 could bring better results in sales in the EU market but also a stronger ...

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