Hygiene & Biosecurity


Difficult times: Brexit to create a shortage of meat inspectors

A company that provides veterinarians for the Food Standards Agency is already talking about a cr...

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E.coli outbreak investigated in Norway

So far, eight people, with ages between 4 and 75, have been affected by the infection.

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Belarus bans poultry imports from a region in Belgium

Authorities from Belarus have announced the ban on poultry imports from the Flanders region, Belg...

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FAO and China join forces to reduce the risk of cross-border animal disease

The operation is targeting an important part of Asia, a region where 65% of the world's pork popu...

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Tunisia has launched a new campaign against FMD

Tunisian authorities have announced the launching of a new bovine-foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) va...

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Bulgaria to build fence against ASF at the Romanian border

The virus has already spread in the eastern region of Romania and Bulgarian authorities are tryin...

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Ready-to-eat and raw meat products recalled by FSIS

An undetermined amount of ready-to-eat and raw pork and beef products have been shipped to retail...

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ANICE reacts to Spanish meat scandal

The Association demands forcefulness from the authorities and reminds the public that cured hams ...

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Minced meat recalled in France over fears of E.coli contamination

French retailers Leader Price and Casino have recalled minced meat products after the detection o...

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Beef jerky products recalled over misbranding issue

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced that Til...

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