FSIS suspends Idaho abattoir due to inhumane slaughter

Animal welfare

Ida-Beef plant in Burley was closed after PETA filed charges for "repeatedly and inexcusably violated the law" regarding cruelty to animals.

Posted on Jun 14 ,06:11

FSIS suspends Idaho abattoir due to inhumane slaughter

US Department of Agriculture's Food Safety & Inspection Service (FSIS) decided to suspend activity at Ida-Beef plant in Burley due to inhumane noncompliance in slaughtering dairy beef, informs Drovers magazine.
The FSIS inspectors will suspend their activity until Ida-Beef provides “adequate written corrective actions and preventative measures to ensure that livestock” are handled and slaughtered humanely.
In January employees at Ida-Beef allegedly botched the slaughter of two dairy cows, and the latest incidence was the result of an unsuccessful attempt to stun a dairy cow. The cow remained conscious and began crawling away when a second stun attempt was successful.

News of the FSIS report has resulted in PETA requesting criminal cruelty-to-animals charged be filed by the Cassia County prosecutor against Ida-Beef. PETA claims the beef packer “has repeatedly and inexcusably violated the law.”
The plant opened last year to cover the need for a slaughterhouse in Idaho. Until 2018, cull cows from Idaho’s bustling dairy industry were trucked to California for slaughter. The state's herd is about 600,000 dairy cows large.

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