Poland plans to save 100,000 tonnes of food


Currently, the annual food waste rate in the country is about 9 million tonnes.

Posted on Aug 07 ,11:49

Poland plans to save 100,000 tonnes of food

Poland is taking a step forward in combating food waste. After three years of debate, the country's Senate voted to implement a program meant to save at least 100,000 tonnes of food per year, informs Teraz Srodowisko magazine.
The current food waste rate in Poland is about 9 million tonnes per year. Also, 1,6 Polish citizens are considered living in extreme poverty. "This is an extremely important step. We are glad that the act was finally adopted. This is a great success of the society, non-governmental organizations dealing with the distribution of food and politicians, and above all senators who initiated the process," said Anna Ogniewska from Greenpeace Poland. The bill needs to be signed by the president to come into effect. In the EU almost 88 million tonnes of food is wasted every year.

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