VIDEO - “The canned protein market has grown a lot in the last three years”

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Gary Clay, vice president global business development at Crider Foods, thinks that the market has grown substantially and expects that this trend will go further in regions such as Asia, Middle East and Africa

Posted on Apr 06 ,08:23

The canned protein market saw a significant increase in the last three years and new markets such as the Middle East, Africa, China and India are starting to develop. These markets represent a growth opportunity for Crider Foods, the world’s largest canned protein producer, as the company’s vice president global business development, Gary Clay, puts it, “ in these regions the cold chain is not very good and our products represent an opportunity because they don't require refrigeration and they have a very long shelf life.”
Mr Clay explained that as consumer trends he observed that when it comes down to meat products people are interested mostly these days in mainly convenience, taste, quality and food safety. From this point of view, Mr Clay underlines that Crider Foods is compliant with all these consumer requests.
“People tend to have confidence in our products because they are sustainably raised and we don't use any artificial ingredients, that types of things, so our products happen to be commercially sterile so there is a certain amount of trust and confidence for those kinds of products,” added Mr Clay.
Regarding the vegan and organic trends, Mr Clay considers that there will always be a demand for a niche product, such as organic ones, antibiotic free or vegan products but, in his view, there is always going to be also a strong demand for proteins such as chicken, turkey or beef. “Because people like them and they are sustainable and healthy for you.”


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