VIDEO - "I think that a lot of products coming from the West could be locally manufactured"

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Freshly Frozen Foods CEO, Densil Quadros expects a growth in the meat processing market in the Gulf region.

Posted on Apr 11 ,07:03

2017 turned out to be a challenging year for the meat businesses in the Middle East as the diplomatic standoff against Qatar and the economic crisis in Egypt have taken a toll in the revenues.
Nevertheless, the market expansion in the region has covered some of the losses resulted from this situation and the outlook for 2018 is making the local players confident in the development of their businesses.
"The outlook for 2018, well, I am positive about it. There is a lot of products still coming from the West which I think it could be locally manufactured.
The trend that we have seen it coming is that the consumer demands more GMO-free food, organic products, green label. That is something that I have seen in the last couple of months and the trend is going to green label, no preservatives, no phosphates, no nitrates, no meat substitutes, just pure meat and I think that the consumer will pay a higher price for a high-value product", expressed his feelings Densil Quadros, CEO of Freshly Frozen Foods, Dubai.

The company already operates two facilities for meat processing and one for value-added products but it wants to expand further the capacities with an investment of $10 million this year and to enter the Saudi Arabia market in the next three years.


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