VIDEO: Barutkin, USMEF: "We are interested in small beef markets in the EU"


East European markets are expected to increase their consumption of beef in the next years, according to USDA and US Meat Export Federation.

Posted on May 08 ,11:08

Last month, USDA, USMEF and US Embassy in Bucharest have offered a culinary show in Bucharest for Romanian importers and hospitality sector, in which chef Nicolae Lică prepared different dishes of American beef.
Even if Romania is not a big market for US beef, Yuri Barutkin, USMEF representative for Europe, Russia an CIS, believes that the future holds much potential of growth in countries such as Poland, Bulgaria or Romania, where beef consumption is still low at this time.


"We think that is more probable to see a growth in beef consumption in these countries in the following years that to expect an increase in markets such as Germany, where the average per capita consumption of beef is already at 13 kg per year", explained Barutkin in an interview for Euromeatnews.


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