VIDEO: “We are facing a reshaping of the pork industry worldwide”


Emilio Becker, economist and market analyst, thinks that, in the end, the ASF situation in China will have positive effects for the industry.

Posted on May 20 ,07:39

A consolidation of the pork industry is expected in the next years as the African Swine Fever will eliminate a considerable part of the small pig exploitation in Asia and Europe as well, declared Emilio Becker, economist and market analyst, during a convention held in April in Bucharest, Romania.

“At the end of the day, we are going to see some positive effects for the industry”, declared Mr Becker in an interview for EuroMeatNews. On the other hand, an increase in prices can reduce the volume of pork imported by China. A forecast on how European producers can capitalize on China’s need for pork is difficult to make as there are different tendencies recorded between some of the largest producers in the EU such as Germany and Spain, according to Emilio Becker.

“China can solve its pork crisis by reducing the average consumption of 35 kilos with 5 kilos. [..] Things must be equal. Is the consumption who rules. At this moment, we see some movements that are not driven by the consumption”, added Emilio Becker.



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