Germany: Animal production reached 26 billion euros in 2021

Animal production as a whole reached an estimated total value of around 26 billion euros in 2021, remaining two percent below the level of the previous year.

Posted on Nov 22 ,04:23

Germany: Animal production reached 26 billion euros in 2021

In animal production, staff shortages due to COVID-19 and strict quarantine measures in the slaughterhouses and cutting plants led to a reduction in production. A 1.7 percent lower slaughter volume and around 2.6 percent lower slaughter cattle prices were achieved. The production value was estimated at 13 billion euros, almost 5 percent lower than in the previous year.

For cattle overall, the production volume remained at the previous year's level. With an increase of almost 14 percent, prices were significantly higher than in the previous year. This resulted in a production value of 3.6 billion euros (+13 percent). 

In pigs, the outbreak of African swine fever prevented exports to Asia. As a result, prices fell permanently. The average price for 2021 was estimated at 1.34 euros per kilogram slaughter weight. This is 16 percent less than in 2020. The slaughter volume decreased to around 2.8 percent below the previous year's value. The production value reached 6.1 billion euros. It fell 18.6 percent below the previous year's result (2020: 7.5 billion euros).

For poultry as a whole, the production volume fell by 10.4 percent. The average annual price remained almost constant compared to the previous year. According to the second estimate, the production value was almost 2.3 billion euros (-10 percent).

The milk quantities that were recorded in 2021 were almost 3 percent lower than in 2020. A renewed increase in demand from bulk consumers made a price increase of around 9.7 percent possible. According to the second estimate, the average milk price was 36.9 cents per kilogram (2020: 33.7 cents per kilogram). The production value rose by almost 7 percent to almost 11.6 billion euros.

Egg production remained constant in 2021. The price of around EUR 1,189 per tonne was 1.5 percent below the previous year. The production value is estimated at around one billion euros (-1.3 percent).

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