In 2019, Brits have saved €7.8 billion by reducing their meat intake


Instead of animal protein, consumers have chosen plant-based alternatives and the trend is expected to continue this year, study finds.

Posted on Jan 14 ,11:28

In 2019, Brits have saved €7.8 billion by reducing their meat intake

A recent study commissioned by the popular British vegetarian brand Linda McCartney’s revealed that more than 12 million meat eaters consumed less pork, beef, lamb, and chicken in 2019 compared to previous years, saving around GBP550 (€640) each, informs Livekindly magazine.
Instead of animal protein, British consumers have focused on less expensive products such as plant-based alternatives and the trend is expected to go further this year.

2,000 subjects were surveyed in this research and more than one-fifth of them have declared that intend to reduce their intake even further. Some will make initial reductions, if not removing animal products entirely. The research also revealed that for 28% of participants, saving money is a big motivator. 51% believe that meat is too expensive, and 44% think that a meat-free lifestyle is more affordable nowadays.
Flexitarianism—following a plant-forward but not entirely plant-based diet—is increasingly popular in the UK. According to British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s, around 91% of Brits are now flexitarian.

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