It is inevitable: "ASF will enter Germany, Spain and Denmark", says expert

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Fear of African Swine Fever (ASF) is spreading to all continents as the virus keeps devastate pig herds in Asia and Eastern Europe.

Posted on Nov 04 ,11:30

It is inevitable: "ASF will enter Germany, Spain and Denmark", says expert

It is inevitable to stop the African Swine Fever (ASF) virus marching to countries such as Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Spain, believes Emilio Becker (second right in the photo), a Spanish economist and consultant for the food industry. "We can not avoid that. The disease will reach Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and Spain. It has become endemic. Right now, top management must step in in the front line to deal with this problem. This isn't a time when you sit at your desk", said Mr. Becker during a conference at Indagra Food & Carnexpo trade fair in Bucharest.
Besides Asia, especially China, who is unable to stop the disease from spreading from one province and region to another, Eastern Europe presents the same situation. In Bulgaria, the national swine inventory has been reduced by 30% due to outbreaks recorded this summer, according to Dr. Svetla Chamova, Executive Director of Bulgarian Meat Association. In neighboring Romania, the situation is so confusing that the Veterinary watchdog ANSVSA has informed that 25 counties are affected by the virus. "At the EC, the situation known is that 29 counties are hit by the disease and the government has informed that 33 counties are impacted by ASF, with 950 outbreaks", commented Dana Tanase, head of Romanian Asociation of Meat and vice president of Clitravi. By now, Romania has turned itself in a biosecurity bomb placed at the eastern border of the EU by not taking any efficient measures in combating the spread of the virus.
But it is not only Europe and Asia that worries about the future of their pork production. Mexico is also creating its dark scenario on what will be if the disease enters the country. "Last week we attended the National Swine Congress of Mexico in Puerto Vallarta, which had a large attendance and a variety of exhibitors, both in the commercial area and at the conference auditorium.

With relatively stable prices during this year, the main fear of Mexican producers is the possibility that the African swine fever permeates the country's borders. Many of the presentations were dedicated to this topic. In this regard, Secretary Víctor Villalobos Arambula said that from Mexico’s Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development they are aware of the health concerns that threaten the industry, by reporting that all the resources are available to protect it", stated Fernando Ortiz, Ibero America Business Development at Genesus Inc.
Mexico is already confronted with a couple of diseases such as PRRS and PED that are devastating some pig areas in the country. Last but not least, a month ago, officials from the UK government have admitted that they are expecting ASF to reach the Kingdom in the next 12 months.

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