Zoetis plans €45M investment in enhanced production in Spain

The company has a three-year plan to increase the area dedicated to production operations by 55% in its plant in La Vall de Bianya.

Posted on Jun 27 ,11:37

Zoetis plans €45M investment in enhanced production in Spain

Zoetis plans to invest €45 million in the next three years to increase its production in La Vall de Bianya plant, Spain. The plant is focused on the production of injectable pharmacological (59%), biological (23%), oral gels, microspheres and other oral and topical products (18% as a whole) for eight different animal species.
Once the investment will be done, the production is expected to grow from 21 million units to 34,600,000 production units. Among the main investments are also the increase in formulation capacity, a new aseptic packaging line with RAB technology (Restricted Access Barrier System), a bottling line in plastic and the automation of the process of packaging finished products, according to CdeComunicacion magazine.
"This is an important investment in the environment of animal health and within the scope of industry 4.0 since it assumes that the leading company will increase notably the ability to put in the hands of veterinarians and ranchers, not only from Spain but from other countries to which we export, last generation injectable pharmacological products. At the same time, we reduce dependence on third parties when manufacturing our own products," explained Giovanni Inturrisi, director of the Zoetis production plant in Spain.
The current sales of the products manufactured in the plant are destined: 55% beef, 21% to horses, 13% to poultry, 6.5% to pigs and 2% to dogs and cats. Products from the Spanish plant are shipped to countries in Africa and the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America, the United States, and Canada. In the next couple of years, Zoetis intends to grow its exports to the US and Canada from 13% to 19%.

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