VIDEO: In Asia, Spanish pork sector is targeting Japan


Right now, the European country is capitalizing on China but the EU-Japan free trade agreement is going to consolidate Spain's position in this market.

Posted on Oct 22 ,13:15

The Spanish pork industry has increased production in the last few years and right now is benefiting from increased demand from China. Besides that particular situation created by the ASF crisis in China, one of the most important markets that Spain is focusing in long-term is Japan, mentioned Daniel de Miguel, International Manager Interporc Spain, in an interview for EuroMeat News.
"In a few years, tariffs will drop sharply and we will be more competitive compared with other countries outside the EU, such as US or Canada", stressed de Miguel. On the other hand, Spain is also a supplier of pork in the EU market, with East European countries such as Poland, Romania and Bulgaria importing more and more Spanish pork due to the deficit created by the ASF outbreaks in these countries. Watch the interview to find out what is the strategy that Spain has developed to promote its products and what the future may hold for the Spanish pork industry.



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