VIDEO Bulgarian firm looks to enter the Romanian labeling market


"We want to expand our footprint here not only in labeling but also with the machines we are building", said Svetoslav Spasov, Sales Manager, Elecs Group.

Posted on Nov 14 ,13:48

Elecs Group, one of the important players in the Bulgarian packaging and labeling industry, intends to expand its presence in Southeast Europe. Romania is the next country after Greece, Serbia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic have been already open by the company, mentioned Svetoslav Spasov, Sales Manager, Elecs Group in an interview for EuroMeat News.
"Romania is very well developed in this industry. We see a lot of printing houses but with limitations in the production capacity. They have too many orders and our biggest advantage is that we still can respond fast to these orders. We want to expand our footprint here not only in labeling but also with the machines we are building," stated Mr. Spasov. Watch the full video to find out how the retail market in Bulgaria is developing and what are the opportunities seen by Elecs Group in the neighboring countries.


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