"Polish poultry producers are feeding on the myth of China"


The reality in the Chinese poultry market it's different from what is expected by the Polish companies, said strategy director, National Chamber of Poultry Producers (KPDiP).

Posted on Sep 05 ,06:41

"Polish poultry producers are feeding on the myth of China"

The Chinese market is the second-largest poultry market in the world but that doesn't mean that the expectations regarding Polish poultry exports in this market can be reached any time soon. Poland has become the EU leader in poultry and the third poultry exporter in the world and was the first European country to obtain access to the Chinese poultry market in 2018. Nevertheless, the fluctuations in poultry imports are making China an unpredictable market in the short and medium-term, according to Mariusz Szymyslik, strategy director of KPDiP. "If you look at the volume of poultry imports to China, it turns out that the country is outside the top five in the world. China's new policy, which is quite open to other suppliers, means that competition in the Chinese market is very high", he said in an interview for Portal Spozywczy magazine.
For this year, China's poultry imports may reach 575,000 tonnes but that only due to the ASF situation in the country and the shortage of animal protein from the Chinese market.
Nevertheless, the Chinese poultry sector has recovered fast in the last couple of years, following a bird flu outbreak and is expected to grow further."Taking into account the forecasts for this year, it turns out that Chinese imports compared to 2000 will not only not increase, but even slightly decrease (-13,000 tonnes)! So it can be seen that China is an extremely capricious market, which - if it is needed - supplements domestic production with imports only so that when the situation returns to normal, in a very violent way inhibits external imports,", added Mr. Szymyslik.


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