13% growth in chicken consumption in the Philippines due to ASF concerns

A USDA forecast predicts an increase in poultry imports as the population is ready to drop the co...

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Pork meat prices in China hit Spanish Jamon exporters

Spain's exports to China for fresh pork meat have boomed this year and it has two effects on the ...

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China is looking for European beef and lamb

In the last couple of weeks, delegations from China have visited Danish and British cattle and sh...

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Ukraine targets China as the next poultry export market

Ukraine’s government officials are working with their Chinese counterparts on beginning poultry e...

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Dutch are lifting their meat consumption by half a kilo

In 2018, per capita consumption in the Netherland has reached 77 kilograms according to new resea...

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Mixed picture in the French meat market

The demand for pork has dropped by 4.1% in August, while fresh beef, veal and lamb consumption is...

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Asia to dominate the global grocery market

The global grocery market is to see rapid expansion, with Asian states such as China, South Korea...

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NI food businesses may re-think their supply chain

A shortage of vets, export regulations and tariffs applied after Brexit may impact the competitiv...

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Spain pork consumption shows little improvement

Six provinces in the country account for 70% of the pork consumed last year, said Interporc.

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Thai poultry exports to China have skyrocketed

The surge in exports is more than 700% after the country has just regained access to the Chinese ...

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