Lower demand for pork in France

Data collected from French retailers show a decline of 6% in sales for the entire year of 2019.

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Mexico is targeting two Asian countries as export markets for red meat

Since 2019, Japan and China have become the main markets for Mexican pork.

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South Korea pork imports drop 8%

In the last two quarters of 2019, pork imports were down 10% and 19%, respectively.

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54% increase in meat prices in Denmark

China's demand for pork has severe consequences in the Danish market.

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Pig prices in the EU are falling due to coronavirus impact

The average price in the single market has lost €10 at the beginning of February as China's impor...

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Taiwan bans pork from Italy under "escalating ASF cases in Sardinia" pretext

The disease is present on the Italian island since 1978 and has been declared endemic decades ago.

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Third US pork producer to denounce ractopamine use

Hormel Foods joins Tyson and JBS initiative to produce ractopamine-free pork in order to gain acc...

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Vall Companys breaks the ceiling of €2 billion in turnover

With 4.8 million pigs and 386,000 tonnes of pork produced last year, the Spanish Group is Europe'...

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Pork prices in Bulgaria are up by a third

The market is in absolute volatility due to the ASF situation that appeared last year.

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Increased pork imports in Japan

Canadian and US pork are accounting for almost 50% of the market share.

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