Small signs of rebuilding the Chinese pig herd


In October, the country's sow herd has increased for the first time in 12 months.

Posted on Nov 22 ,11:35

Small signs of rebuilding the Chinese pig herd

The Chinese breeding sow inventory show signs of growth, with data recorded in October revealing an increase of 0.6%, the first in the last 12 months. That could be the first attempt in rebuilding the world's largest pig herd after a decline of more than 40% caused by multiple African Swine Fever outbreaks in the last 16 months.
The decline in the pig herd was also slowing, said Yang Zhenhai, director of the animal husbandry and veterinary bureau under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, mentioned the South China Morning Post newspaper.

Yang said the pig herd fell by 0.6% in October, easing from a 3% fall the previous month and the smallest month-on-month contraction in a year. He did not disclose the year-on-year decline in October but in September it had dropped 41% on the year.
the ministry figures would still equate to a decline of around 175 million pigs in the national herd. Experts have estimated that for the next five years there is no real chance for China to rebuild its pig herd at the levels recorded before this biosecurity crisis. The risk of another row of outbreaks is well known by the authorities. "African swine fever has contaminated large areas of our country and outbreaks are expected to continue to take place in spots," admitted Mr. Yang.
A similar measure was taken in Vietnam and in less than one month, piglets introduced in farms have died by ASF, according to AgriCensus agency.
To cover the deficit of pork China has open the gates for imports, mainly from Europe, Brazil and Canada. US pork is still accepted in the market but it is subject to a 65% duty as the trade war between Washington and Beijing is still rolling. At the same time, imports of beef, poultry and sheepmeat have surged.

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