25 Brazilian meat plants approved for export to China


The total number of Brazilian processing units cleared for meat export in the Asian country reached 89.

Posted on Sep 10 ,05:58

25 Brazilian meat plants approved for export to China

25 Brazilian meat plants have received the right to export meat into China at the beginning of this week pushing the total number of the exporting units to 89, according to Argus Media.
Among the additional 25 new plants certified, 17 are beef producers, six are poultry producers, one is a pork producer and one a donkey meat producer.
Since the start of the ASF crisis in China, in August 2018, meat supply in the country has declined fast leading to an increase in meat imports.
Year to date August, the Asian country boosted imports of Brazilian pork by 31% to 133,500 tonnes to make up for China's reduced herd.

Brazil's total pork exports are estimated to rise by 12% to 720,000 tonnes this year, according to industry estimates.

In the first eight months, China boosted imports of Brazilian beef by 11% to 212,200 tonnes and increased imports of Brazilian poultry by 19p% to 348,200 tonnes from a year earlier as Chinese consumers seek substitute proteins for pork.

As a result, Brazil's total poultry exports are poised to increase by up to 5% to 4.3 million tonnes this year while shipments of fresh beef are forecast to rise by about 10% to almost 2 million tonnes this year, according to industry estimates.

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