25 EU member states affected by avian flu

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The worst situation is in France, followed by Germany, Poland, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

Posted on Mar 03 ,08:00

25 EU member states affected by avian flu

EFSA has published a report regarding the status of the avian flu in the EU. So far, between 8 December 2020 and 23 February 2021, 1,022 highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) virus detections were reported in 25 EU/EEA countries, of which 592 were in poultry, including nine in the UK. France accounted for 442 outbreaks in poultry, mostly located in the Landes region and affecting the foie gras production industry. It is followed by Germany with 50 poultry outbreaks; Poland, with 37 poultry outbreaks, Denmark, one poultry outbreak on a large laying hen farm; and the Netherlands who counted 10 outbreaks in poultry farms. The rest of the countries have reported only cases in wild bird population or small farms infected with the viruses
"Six different genotypes were identified to date in Europe and Russia, suggesting a high propensity of these viruses to undergo multiple reassortment events. To date, no evidence of fixation of known mutations previously described as associated to zoonotic potential has been observed in HPAI viruses currently circulating in Europe based on the available sequences. Seven cases due to A(H5N8) HPAI virus have been reported from Russia, all were poultry workers with mild or no symptoms. Five human cases due to A(H5N6) HPAI and 10 cases due to A(H9N2) LPAI viruses have been reported from China. The risk for the general population as well as travel-related imported human cases is assessed as very low and the risk for people occupationally exposed people as low. Any human infections with avian influenza viruses are notifiable within 24 hours through the Early Warning and Response System (EWRS) and the International Health Regulations (IHR) notification system", informs the European agency.
However, the situation in France has triggered the alarm for the Spanish poultry industry which is currently taking severe biosecurity measures in farms.

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