3 planeloads of swine genetics sent from the UK to China


The shipments were destined to Scandinavian Farms, a Danish enterprise operating in China.

Posted on Jul 01 ,07:27

3 planeloads of swine genetics sent from the UK to China

3 planes loaded with genetic material were sent from Genesus Nucleus Farms in the United Kingdom to Scandinavian Farms Pig Industries of Lianyungang, China. This is the largest operation For Genesus Inc in China in the last year and a half and it also stands out as a major change for Scandinavian Farms Pig Industries. So far, the company used DanBred genetics but that breed is believed to need more care from the employees. "The pigs from DanBred have the best genes in the world, and it went well. We had both a nucleus herd with 1,600 DanBred sows that we owned together with DanBred and a production herd with 14,000 sows and the production of 350,000 slaughter pigs annually. But we have learned that pig production in China is not the same as in Denmark. We cannot expect our employees out here to manage the pigs as we are used to in Denmark. That is why we are now switching to pigs that do not need near the same thorough care to produce good results," said Jorgen Lindberg, CEO of Scandinavian Farms.
Scandinavian Farms is a Danish Corporation which established a Danbred Nucleus Herd in China in 2013. Scandinavian Farms current production capacity is 14,000 sows. With the new breed acquired from Genesus Nucleus Farms, the company expects to get about 16.5 piglets per litters compared to DanBred's 17-18 piglets. Nevertheless, some advantages are to consider, despite the lower rate of piglet per litters. "In contrast, the birth weight of the Genesus pigs is quite a bit higher and the pigs are stronger. In Chinese conditions, we believe that it is an advantage with fewer, but in turn, stronger piglets, which easier will get all the way to slaughter. As another important factor, feed is 60% more expensive in China than in Denmark. Therefore, it is important that the pigs are strong from birth so that they utilize the feed better and reach the slaughter weight faster," explained Mr Lindberg.

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